About Me

Hi my name is Daniela, but I'm really better known as dK, or sometimes just Dee. After university, I moved to the 'Big City' we call Toronto, and have been here ever since. I'm a 20-something sarcasm queen, wifey (May 2015!) and fur mummy to Koko the kat (b. 2012). I'm a bookworm & a nerd, and think that's kind of cool.

Travelling is the love of my life because it allows me to connect between all the places that have touched my life -  Bulgaria (where I was born), Germany (where my heart is) & Canada (where my home is). Mentally, I'm a mutt and I think from that stems my entire inability to ever truly know what I want but also makes me more multi-faceted than I probably otherwise would have been. I'm thankful to my parents for that.
I will just leave you with this...

LIKE is watered-down love.
Like is mediocre.
Like is the wishy-washy emotion of the content.
Athletes don’t do it for the like of a sport.
Artists don’t suffer for the like of art.
There is no I like NY T-shirt.
And Romeo didn’t just like Juliet.
LOVE. Now that’s powerful stuff.
Love changes things.
Upsets things.
Conquers things.
Love is at the root of everything good
that has ever happened and will ever happen.
- Blackberry