July 4, 2016

Update: 30 Before 30

Being 6 months into 2016 and over 7 months into my 29th birthday, it seems like a good time for an update on my bucket list!

Truth be told, I haven't accomplished much and a couple were a little ambitious. I've updated some and added a two to make up for it, so now I have even more to do in the next...FIVE months.

Get a massage.
Try yoga.
Re-learn to crochet. *DONE!
Take Mike to Germany. [This was ultra ambitious. Take him to Europe again is more reasonable.] *But DONE!
Master panna cotta.
Do more craft projects.
Use my sewing machine at least 5 times.
Learn French.
Reach my goal weight.
Meal plan regularly.
Be more thankful.
Journal daily.
Keep the house tidy & clean.
Buy coffee for the person behind me in line.
Throw a dinner party.
Do a wine tour.
Take a beach road trip.
Keep in touch with friends more.
Call my grandparents more often.
Take a last-minute flight to a weekend away.
Donate blood.
Take control of my career.
Be more patient.
Create a savings plan.
Embrace the gym & follow a schedule.
Reach my Goodreads goal (again) aka read more. [This goal was updated from 30 books to 12 in June. Still behind...]
Keep up with national & international current events.
Volunteer locally.
Blog more.
Host a theme party.
Dine alone at a restaurant. *new & done!
Worry less. *new*

Five months to go...

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  1. A lot of these seem doable to me. I totally abandoned my list. Lol. But I did knock a few off of it at least. Calling your grandparents seems like a great thing to have on your list, and simple enough. Maybe plan a time, every week or two to just give them a call and chat a bit. The do more craft projects and use your sewing machine ones can be done as one. And the buy coffee one seems easy enough to do too. Just make sure it's not some creepy person who might stalk you after. Lol. As for the yoga, are you talking about in an actual class or just at home?


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