July 4, 2016

Update: 30 Before 30

Being 6 months into 2016 and over 7 months into my 29th birthday, it seems like a good time for an update on my bucket list!

Truth be told, I haven't accomplished much and a couple were a little ambitious. I've updated some and added a two to make up for it, so now I have even more to do in the next...FIVE months.

Get a massage.
Try yoga.
Re-learn to crochet. *DONE!
Take Mike to Germany. [This was ultra ambitious. Take him to Europe again is more reasonable.] *But DONE!
Master panna cotta.
Do more craft projects.
Use my sewing machine at least 5 times.
Learn French.
Reach my goal weight.
Meal plan regularly.
Be more thankful.
Journal daily.
Keep the house tidy & clean.
Buy coffee for the person behind me in line.
Throw a dinner party.
Do a wine tour.
Take a beach road trip.
Keep in touch with friends more.
Call my grandparents more often.
Take a last-minute flight to a weekend away.
Donate blood.
Take control of my career.
Be more patient.
Create a savings plan.
Embrace the gym & follow a schedule.
Reach my Goodreads goal (again) aka read more. [This goal was updated from 30 books to 12 in June. Still behind...]
Keep up with national & international current events.
Volunteer locally.
Blog more.
Host a theme party.
Dine alone at a restaurant. *new & done!
Worry less. *new*

Five months to go...

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