January 14, 2016

Bigger & Better in 2016

I've been trying to put together a list of resolutions goals that don't sound redundant lame. It's really hard, guys. A lot of the things that I want to accomplish are intangible so it's hard to put them into words properly.

This year I just want to be a better me, for me.

Although it may sound selfish, I think that focusing on one's self is key and everything else will follow. I want to take the things that I learned in 2015 and translate them into positive life changes. I have always been a negative person - I mean, how do you think I got so hilariously sarcastic? - but I definitely feel that I need to make a conscious effort to focus on the positives.

In 2016, I am going to concentrate on relationships that are enriching and doing what makes my heart happy. I'm tired of feeling obligated to make an appearance at an event or get together just because I was invited. I'm over milking my drink and making dead-end small talk with people that I have nothing in common with. Quite frankly, it's not worth the calories or the time.

So in the time that I save not doing things just to avoid hurting other people's feelings - which (a) is totally against my life beliefs, and (b) should not even be thing - I can:

  • catch up with a (real) friend
  • meet new & interesting people
  • tackle my short-term to do list (aka household chores) #snore #adulting
  • work on my craft & sewing projects
  • create blog content
  • read a book towards my reading challenge
  • colour (in a colouring book, of course)
  • watch a movie
  • make a dent in the ever-growing TV show list
  • cuddle with my cat
  • try a new recipe
  • cross something off of my 30 before 30 list
  • have a dance party for one
  • play a video game (that I will probably never beat)
  • Skype date with a friend that's abroad
  • workout
  • sleep.

Seriously, I am not someone who gets bored. And while not saying yes to things that I don't want to do is part of it, I do recognize that my ability to procrastinate endlessly is also a big part of the problem. I'm working on that, too. Remember - I'm becoming a better me!

Well, it looks like 2016 is going to keep me quite busy! Good luck, self... :)

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  1. Same. Lol. If I don't know or don't care for the people at the event, I really can't be bothered. And, if I really MUST show up (family functions, etc.) I'll open up my phone's Kindle app and read until it's time to go, which is exactly what I did at a BBQ this past weekend.


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