December 8, 2015

Wishlist 2015

I decided that exactly 17 days before Christmas was the optimal time to post my wishlist for this year. You're not totally panicked about what to get me last minute, but since December seems to have dropped in on us already, you're starting to seriously think about your Christmas shopping. Amiright?!

Well I have never had such a difficult time putting together a gift wishlist. Usually it's like, I WANT ALL THE THINGS. But I'm not really that surprised - I literally need nothing at all. I certainly have all of the important intangible things - hubby, kitty, home and health - and I don't even care how cheesy that sounds. Therefore, my list is mainly "fun-to-haves" because presents are just fun in general.

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1. Pencil crayons are great, but I really want some Sharpies for my colouring book masterpieces. #adulting

2. Part of the reason that I've been looking forward to colder weather is more baths and my favourite way to take baths is with Lush bath bombs. It's so hard to narrow them down but I really like these ones.

3. I've wanted this IKEA serving set for ages and it's discontinued so brownie points if someone actually gets it for me!

4. One of the year's trends that I can totally get behind is plaid scarves like this one. Of course, I always see people wearing them and can never actually find ones I like in stores...

5. There's nothing more annoying than trying to cook from a recipe in a book or tablet and not having a proper place for it - hello, IKEA book holder!

6. I love puzzles and world maps so this seems like a perfect combo of the two! Like, how cool is this Ravensburger puzzle?!

7. A couple of years ago I got the Naked Basics palette. I absolutely hate it and I don't know if it's me, or the palette. Since then, I've experimented with my sister's endless palette collection and I totally think Naked3 is the one.

8. A black watch is really the only thing missing my from my jewellery box and this one is spectacular. I'm not a fan of bulky watches and this slim profile is so classy. Like me.

9. One of my favourite things to get for Christmas is new PJs and I absolutely heart this pair from Victoria's Secret!

Is there anything you're looking forward to getting under the tree this year?

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