November 12, 2015

The Wedding Files #2 - Getting Organized

Hello brides! I'm working hard to pump out a bunch of my wedding drafts from when I was resting my arm so thanks for being patient!

Today I want to talk about getting yourself organized so that you can actually really start planning out your big day!

There are many, many moving parts to planning a wedding so before you start, figure out how you're going to keep it all straight.

There are great online resources - of course, nearly everything is online these days! - which all have tips, ideas, trackers and wedding site templates. It's pretty much your free, one-stop resource shop.

We chose Wedding Wire because it has the most Canadian vendors. There were so many factors to consider and I really just needed to pick one and move on. At the end of the day, we only used to build our wedding site as well as track the RSVPs and guest list. That's not because it wasn't useful otherwise - they do have tons of tools - but I'm a plan-on-paper kinda gal.

For those who want something more tangible, you can pick up books or binders like this one from the Knot.

I received the binder from my MOH and it had a really good variety of different wedding tools - tips, ideas, trackers, templates. The best part was that it allowed me to save all of my receipts, contracts, brochures, business cares, samples, etc in one place.

But the holy grail of all of my planning was this customized notebook that I received for my birthday from my hubby shortly after our engagement:

The bottom reads #teamdcdk :)

This is where I kept all of my to do lists, reminders, vendor meeting notes and brainstorming. Plus like 42 versions of our guest list. Seriously, that was painful but I'll leave it for another post...

In the last couple of months when we were getting right into the thick of the knitty gritty, we created a wedding bulletin board with key headings to track important to-do's.

I loved it and even call it the 'Wedding Status' meeting which hubby absolutely hated HAHA I think that made me enjoy it even more LOL But it totally worked! I feel like having a quick visual reference easily accessible to both made a huge difference in not forgetting the small details.

At the end of the day, you can create your own spreadsheets, notebooks, trackers and anything else that will help you stay on top of all of the wedding craziness. It's really whatever works best for you so don't let anyone or anything try to convince you to use tools that just aren't right for you.

Curious to know what tools you guys have used, or plan to use, and why. Also, hit me up with any questions!

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  1. I love that notebook! Wish Joey were more hands on - he basically said his job was to pop the question and show up - everything else is left to me. But then when I start putting things together and making decisions about attire, location, etc. that's when he has an opinion about everything so we're back to square one! It's no wonder why it's been put off for so long!


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