November 2, 2015

My Right Arm is Back!

After nearly six weeks of physio, my right arm is finally starting to feel normal again. I'm so thankful because I thought the pain and discomfort would never end. Though there's no real diagnosis; just repetitive strain.

I've had wrist pain, or what I like to call pre-carpal tunnel, in my right wrist of the last five years or so. I get flare ups a few time a year but they only last about a week with the help of a very sexy brace, which you can also see here.

It's definitely related to my constant computer use - hey, a girl's gotta earn a living - and the associated ergonomics, but I haven't been able to figure out a set up that works for me 100% of the time.

In August, I had another flare up which has pretty much lasted me until about a week ago. Yes, seriously. I finally went to physio when I realized that this 'flare up' wasn't going away on its own and that definitely helped. But because it went on for so long, I was over-compensating with my shoulder and then it turned into a full arm pain. I was...a gimp.

So I had to give up a bunch of stuff. No, sadly going to work wasn't one of them LOL No more leisurely computer use at home, no working out, no more sleeping on my right side... I had to stop and think before everything I did to remind myself to use my left hand. It's so much harder than you realize!

Hopefully this improvement will last and I'll be able to finish all those drafts I started with my phone's voice keyboard. Those things are the best, by the way. So entertaining when they're not insanely infuriating...

Does anyone else suffer from this as well? How do you manage it - I'd love some tips!

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  1. I sleep really weird, usually on a twisted up wrist or elbow, so I always wake up with aches and pains, but my wrist flares up once in a while too! I always blame it on my phone. I'm glad you're feeling better!

  2. Omg that sounds horrible. I would probably shoot myself out of frustration...using my left hand, of course. Lol. Hope it's gotten better!!


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