September 1, 2015

Summer, Defined

By the looks of all the "Happy September" instagrams today, most people are excited for fall. Or at least think that it's fall now, I'm not really sure. I mean, when is the definitive summer season? Like, how soon is too soon to wear white? Or drink all day on a patio? [hint: never] I feel like there's more than just one moment that I define as the start and end of summer, and since I must not be the only one who wonders about this, I've broken it down for us all. You're welcome.

Because I'm the most indecisive person ever, I kind use a mix of all these to define summer. I feel like I focus all of my "summer plans" in July and August. That's because in June I'm all like, "Yaaaaa I got lots of time! Summer's just starting!" And then it's September and I'm like, "Shiiiit, there's so much I didn't do! I guess next year...". Definitely happened this year. But the last summer hoorah, for me, is definitely Labour Day. Anything later is just desperation to hold on to summer. The #summermemories hashtag begins, as does pumpkin spice everything and cute fall outfits on Pinterest. Yeah, I see you opening a new tab to check those out right now...

No matter how you define summer, it is pretty damn short. By the time you finally get that glowing tan, you have to throw a sweater over it. When you finally get all of your friends on board for a day at the amusement park, it closes. Like I said, short. But oh, so sweet! Make the most of what's left!

How do you define summer?

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  1. I actually just got a group together for the amusement park, but we're going in October because they have "Fright Fest." I always try to get my friends on board for events early though, because before you know it, summer is over! In my area, summer starts on Memorial Day and ends on Labor Day, because that's when all the beaches open/close!

  2. I practically live in year-round summer so there's no definitive moment for me besides when the temperatures get a few degrees cooler and it starts raining more.


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