August 27, 2015

My BFF Leah [Remini]

We totally met by accident one Wednesday night. There I was hanging out on TLC waiting for my evening of Wahlburgers & Donny Loves Jenny to begin, but instead I was blessed with Leah Remini: It's All Relative. (Then I realized I was on the wrong channel...)

Basically, it's a reality show about the day to day life of Leah Remini and her family, and it's just about the best reality show I've ever seen. Probably because it's so damn refreshing to watch myself on television HAHA We're totally the same person. I mean, you have to know us both to get it but just trust me. Even my husband agrees and usually I have to pay him to agree with me.

I've been a fan of Leah's since Saved by the Bell to the point that those are probably my most favourite episodes of that entire series. I didn't watch King of Queens because I cannot fucking stand the sight or sound of Kevin James. I also somehow I missed her season on Dancing with the Stars but discovering It's All Relative reminded me just how great Leah is.

It's definitely the sarcasm. Cracking up everyone around her without even cracking a smile. It's a gift. We both have it. Leah gives zero fucks about who she offends with her humour - her mother, sister, husband, assistant, camera crew. She dishes out the truth and the people around her take it all in good fun. Honestly, her people need to teach my people how to just get over it. Plus, she's doesn't take herself seriously and I love the shit out of that.

But best of all, I make the same face when my mother says something fucking weird and foreign without my permission while in my presence...

And just in case Leah happens to read this - oh heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy *cheesing fan girl*

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  1. YES! I love everything about her! I also fell in love with her on SBTB and hated King of Queens. She had reality specials years and years ago about her wedding and then her baby, which I loved, so I was so happy to see she got an entire series. She absolutely is so refreshing and her entire family is hilarious! Have you gone back to watch old episodes yet? The Scientology one is awesome. They are all so honest and brave. I want to live with them!

  2. I don't remember her from Saved by the Bell, but I did like her on King of Queens. She's so honest and funny, and she speaks her mind, regardless of what anyone else thinks/believes. I especially liked it when she came out about Scientology and the HBO documentary.

  3. Haven't seen her new show yet but I loved her on King of Queens - which I only watched sporadically because of her. Thanks for giving me yet another show to add to my "must watch" list.


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