August 27, 2015

My BFF Leah [Remini]

We totally met by accident one Wednesday night. There I was hanging out on TLC waiting for my evening of Wahlburgers & Donny Loves Jenny to begin, but instead I was blessed with Leah Remini: It's All Relative. (Then I realized I was on the wrong channel...)

Basically, it's a reality show about the day to day life of Leah Remini and her family, and it's just about the best reality show I've ever seen. Probably because it's so damn refreshing to watch myself on television HAHA We're totally the same person. I mean, you have to know us both to get it but just trust me. Even my husband agrees and usually I have to pay him to agree with me.

I've been a fan of Leah's since Saved by the Bell to the point that those are probably my most favourite episodes of that entire series. I didn't watch King of Queens because I cannot fucking stand the sight or sound of Kevin James. I also somehow I missed her season on Dancing with the Stars but discovering It's All Relative reminded me just how great Leah is.

It's definitely the sarcasm. Cracking up everyone around her without even cracking a smile. It's a gift. We both have it. Leah gives zero fucks about who she offends with her humour - her mother, sister, husband, assistant, camera crew. She dishes out the truth and the people around her take it all in good fun. Honestly, her people need to teach my people how to just get over it. Plus, she's doesn't take herself seriously and I love the shit out of that.

But best of all, I make the same face when my mother says something fucking weird and foreign without my permission while in my presence...

And just in case Leah happens to read this - oh heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy *cheesing fan girl*

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August 24, 2015

The Wedding Files #1 - The Big Question

Not the, "Will you marry me?" question; the other big question.  We'll get to that.

There's a serious misconception about feelings when it comes to getting engaged and planning a wedding. You're expected to be thrilled & excited and anything less is regarded as just plain weird. I'm here to tell you that it's more than ok not to feel this way. In fact, being shocked, scared, doubtful, angry and stressed are far more likely what you'll experience once you get engaged. Along with the happy and exciting moments of course!

I most certainly felt all of the above for the twenty months we were engaged. Yes, twenty whole months. I wrote two posts about wedding planning after we got engaged, and was then MIA for eight months. It's a lot of work but it's worth it in the end. Trust me - I didn't believe it myself until the day was over but it is. You'll see!

That's why I'm starting wedding series - in the hopes that at least some of you will find my experiences beneficial. While nobody's wedding journey is the same, I found it very useful to pick and choose different people's advice and suggestions as I saw fit. I also ignored a lot of the advice because well, sometimes it's just not good advice!

So welcome to...

There are definitely some key things to do before you jump into planning but the most important one is to answer the 'big question' first:
Do you want to have a wedding?

I know how that sounds but seriously - is this what you want? You've more than likely talked to your partner about it before, but if you haven't, now is the time. Who cares what everyone else expects - your fiancĂ©, your family, his/her family, social norms - you need to know what you want! It's not necessarily a black and white yes/no to the wedding, but what you envision for yourself and where you're willing to make compromises.

I hate to break it to you but it's about the marriage, not the wedding so how you two go about this wedding business will be a good indication of how you two handle 'big things' together. So before the next post I need you to go figure out what you want! 

Happy Planning!

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August 13, 2015

Guilty Until Proven Innocent - Adnan Syed

*Spoiler alert! I do discuss the case here a bit so if you think you might want to listen to the podcast, stop reading now!*

In my last post, I mentioned that during my stint away from the blog I had become obsessed with the Serial podcast. That's partially true. What I actually became obsessed with was the case of Adnan Syed and everything surrounding it.


I didn't catch the podcast in Fall 2014 when it came out so by the time I heard about it this past winter, all of the episodes were available. I devoured them immediately. If I ever couldn't finish a full episode on my commute, I hung out in the lobby to finish them - screw being late! And if there was a cliffhanger, there was no way I was waiting for the next commute. I may or may not have listened to episode 9 in the shower with the bluetooth speaker on full blast. Priorities!

But why was I so obsessed? The case wasn't special - young girl goes missing, her body is found and the ex-boyfriend is convicted. That seems pretty standard (you know what I mean!) and we see it all the time on Dateline. It's certainly no secret that I love real-life crime shows, however I've never cared about a case beyond the episode's conclusion. Possibly because those rarely end such a cloud of convolutedness. Or injustice, whatever you want to call it.

I'm not really here to air my opinions on whether or not I believe Adnan is guilty. It's not the place and any opinion I have is just that - an opinion. What gets me most is that the conviction was based on a whole lot of circumstantial, and occasionally non-existent, evidence. It's not that I don't care about guilt because that's obviously important, but you're supposed to prove it.

That's why I am also loving the new podcast, Undisclosed. Their main purpose, by their own description, is to investigate the investigation. Not to investigate Adnan, or anyone else who may have done it. It's too late for that; like 16 years too late. But it's not too late to figure out whether what led to the conviction was proper or not. Listening really makes me regret not pursuing a law degree even more than Serial originally did because it's actually extremely fascinating to listen to.

Could Adnan have been where he is described to be at specific points in time? Does Jay's (latest) story actually work in real life? Could anyone actually recall the events of January 13, 1999, as well as the days & weeks that followed, with any reliable clarity? Is it possible that the police coerced Jay because, by his own admission in his Intercept interview, he was dearly afraid of going to prison on drug charges? Are phone records really so reliable? Was there really no way that it could have been anyone else? Did Adnan have a motive? And finally - was there any [forensic] evidence at the crime scene?

There are certainly a lot of questions, ones that may never be answered. But I absolutely love tuning in each week to try to work things out myself because that may be all I ever get. For now, I think this is probably the most fitting quote in regards to this case:


Obviously, I'd love to hear what you think of Serial/Undisclosed/the case in general! If you're interested, you definitely must start with Serial before moving on to Undisclosed. Trust me, you'll be confused.

Happy listening!

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August 8, 2015

Fresh Start.

Oh, hey there! I can't believe you're actually here reading this... Not gonna lie - coming back here after eight months to the day feels pretty weird. And I don’t even know if I’m really back yet. It’s actually insane for me to think back to eight months ago - October! So much has happened since then…

I went on my first Vegas trip in November for my birthday, first ski trip with Mike (the ski newb), became obsessed with the Serial podcast and somehow surviving a long ass Canadian winter. Seriously - like seven months of winter is not cool.

And of course - wedding planning. I only did two posts on wedding planning, way back in March 2014 when I apparently planned on getting my shit together and doing this thing properly. Well that didn’t happen and I avoided most of it until January 2015. At that point, I realized that all I had was a venue, a dress and a photographer. *Lets that sink in* Needless to say, I was in ultra crunch mode.

Well guess what - we pulled that shit off with flying colours! But also with a lot of fighting, yelling, crying, stressing, and general freaking out. Of course, how else?

I won’t bore you with wedding details now - I hope to do separate posts for that - but I’m hoping to get back into this and my other hobbies now that my time isn’t being held hostage!

I’ve already started reading my favourite blogs again and commenting. I even gave this little blog o’ mine a refresh! So let’s see how this goes. If anything, I vow to stop posting “Hey, I’m alive...really!” posts. Two in a row is enough I think, right? Though to be fair, everything I said in my last post about going back to my 'blog roots' and find inspiration still stands true.

Cheers to new beginnings!

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