December 8, 2014

Still kicking.

Oh, hey. Look who's still alive! That's right, I am.

I'm really just going to cut to the chase - I have been beyond uninspired. Like, beyond. And not just lately; for a very long time. Somewhere along the way, this little blog lost its purpose & became something that doesn't really define me. I got sucked into some kind of black hole of blogging leading me to post things of little value and I'm not crazy about that fact.

That and I'm pretty sure I became boring. Seriously. My posts used to actually be funny! By which I mean, I read my old posts, circa late 2010 / early 2011, and they make me laugh. I'm my biggest critic.

That actually sounds extremely sad & terrible haha Probably moreso than it should, don't worry. But somewhere along the way, life sucked the life out of me & I stopped caring about documenting it.

I also became afraid of documenting it as I saw it & that just deflated me further. Surrounding myself with people who I don't feel I can be myself with 100%, and who one way or another may find my blog (which I have generally kept a secret from most people that know me IRL) makes me feel censored.

Or, made. Because I want to get back to those roots. Other people's feelings be damned. That may sound insensitive - I won't deny it - but guess what? I am not known for being sensitive to others or for censoring myself so why the fuck should I have to censor myself on MY OWN blog???

That's right, I don't. So let this be a blanket upfront apology to anyone who stumbles upon this blog (and maybe shouldn't have) and reads something that offends them. Sorry, but that's my opinion. It's not personal. Unless I specifically talk about you - then it's probably kind of personal.

So I'm not going away just yet. I love writing - I really, really do. And if I manage to get re-inspired in this tiny corner of mine on the world wide web, then GREAT. If not...well, the world is my oyster.

Can't wait for new things, whatever they may be.
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