September 5, 2014

Summer Byes

Yesterday I posted Mike's fabulous CNE ride mashup video - it's awesome, watch it!

We also took some pictures last Friday at the CNE, which ended up being like the perfect day/night!

View from the gondola

Our CNE winning collection keeps growing. Everything but the 2 normal giraffes are from this year...

On Saturday we were off to Niagara to visit my fam for a couple of days. More beautiful weather - just in time for September...whomp.

Obviously, the best thing to do there is hit up Niagara on the Lake for some beautiful views.
Triplets :)

I just realized how ridiculously frumpy I look in these pics but whatever...

Obligatory selfie :)
We also brought Mr Koko because he hadn't seen his sister in a long time. He took this opportunity to climb up on everything.

Mila though, is an even bigger shit disturber, as she's now an outdoor cat.

Koko was happy with the visit - he's my absolute fave when he's smiley :)

Sunday was way too summer hot so we hit up the bike path along the lake. Which was packed with people trying to catch the air show. To be honest, the air show was nothing special and it was almost impossible to get a pic because those planes are so damn fast! But I managed ;)

And that's the end of summer fun! Bring on fall, my fave season!

Did you do anything to see summer off for the Labour Day weekend?

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  1. i forgot it was labour day weekend! we just had friends over for an impromptu bbq and relaxed a whole lot because back to school and what not. ugh, i hate the back to school traffic :(

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