September 10, 2014

Paris a la Pinterest, deux

In my last Paris Pinterest post, I realized I've only ever pinned pictures of the Eiffel Tower. While that's like, my favourite thing, it doesn't make for a very wholesome trip lol

Here are all the other things I'm looking forward to!

Breakfast like this...

Love Lock Bridge
 I have my lock ready! I know, it's kind of become a hazard. I don't care if they remove it later.

The gardens
Jardin de Luxembourg


The Louvre

These streets

These bridges



Notre Dame

Arc de Triomphe & Champs-Élysées

Bike tour

So excited I can't even tell you!

More suggestions welcome!

All pins are from my pinterest board: Paris is Always a Good Idea
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  1. Wait a minute! I haven't been a good blog reader lately. Did I miss that you're going to Paris? I LOVED Paris. Definitely spend some time hanging out in Montmatre and go inside the Sacre Coeur. You can take the mini train up from Moulin Rouge, which will save your feet. That area was my favorite part of Paris! If you can, take a half day trip out to Versailles and see the palace. It's amazing. I did the Eiffel Tower at night, which was pretty, but we just saw indistinguishable lights so I recommend it during the day. It's prettier to look at when it's dark anyway. Another blogger recently got back from Paris and ate in the Tower's restaurant and loved it. Pricey though. I didn't get to take a Seine river tour, but that looks fun too.


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