August 19, 2014

The X-Files

Yes, this post is totally about the 90s TV show. Gawd, did you think it was going to be something sexual? Mind out of the gutter! That's so not me.

I watched this as a kid though not regularly by any means and it usually depended on whether my mom wanted to watch. Or how scared I was getting. Usually I wanted to keep on watching but my mom knew it would lead to crawling into their bed at 2AM.

A few weeks ago I realized it was on Netflix and knew I needed to complete this unknown-until-then bucket list item.

Night 1 - Pre
Mike: "What are you going to do while I'm at softball tn?" 
Me: "Probably start X-Files and see if I actually like it."

Night 1 - Post
Mike: "Did you watch any X-Files? How was it?" 
Me: "OMG it was amazing I watched 4 episodes!!"
Mike:"Ugh, seriously? OK..." *walks away*

It's pretty well-established that I'm weird so I'm sure he didn't think much of the latest crazy girl conversation.

Night 2 - Pre
Mike: "Hey, do you want to meet up with X for drinks or something tonight?" 
Me: "Oh, it's been a long week so I was just kind of planning on staying in."
Mike: "Are you sure? Could be fun. There's not much to do at home, anyway." 
Me: "I'll just catch up on some TV or something..." 
Mike: "OMG you're going to watch more X-Files aren't you?" 
Me: "What? No. I mean, I might depending on how the night plays out but that's not like, my reason."

Ugh, it totally was. That, plus my next post.

Night 2 - Post
Mike: "So how many episodes of X-Files did you watch tonight?" 
Me: "Like... 5. So good!" 
Mike: *shakes head*

Seriously. So far I've completed the first season and am so pumped that there are eight more seasons left for me to watch!

Anyone else watching X-Files on Netflix? What are some other 90's shows you'd love to [re-]watch?

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