August 12, 2014

RIP Robin Williams

This is the order of emotions I felt last night after hearing the news of Robin Williams...

- Disbelief...because this must be another internet rumour.
- Shock
- Sadness
- Denial
- Tears...and that's still happening any time I read something about him.

I thought about why the tears and realized it's the fact that his movies are in the top favourites of my childhood & early adolescence. He was brilliant.

Aladdin - my first Disney movie

Mrs. Doubtfire - One of the first movies I fell in love with in that "watch it any time it's on" way

Hook - I have always loved Peter Pan

Jumanji - My dad took me to see this in theatres & I loved it once

Dead Poet's Society - One of the only "educational" movies I didn't hate watching in school

Patch Adams - The first movie I thought of when I heard the news...

Good Will Hunting - I am convinced he made this movie what it was for Matt Damon & Ben Affleck
And so my love affair crush with Matt Damon began...

I realize there are more. Many more. Older, newer, better, worse. He was incredible and there will never be another like him. I feel lucky to have been able to watch his movies through the years, and will continue to watch them for many years to come...

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  1. He was so, so great. Aladdin is my favorite Disney movie ever. The soundtrack was the first CD I ever bought. I watched it with my kids for the first time last night and of course Genie was their favorite character.

  2. I was a high school sophomore when 'Aladdin' came out. I watched it in the theater twice, once with my best friend Therese and again with my friend Sharon. So many happy memories. I had the soundtrack on tape and I listened to it again and again.


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