July 24, 2014

The Non-Skinnies

I was originally going to go with a different title for this post but in the end, I didn't want to unintentionally offend anyone. Therefore, 'non-skinnie' seemed like the next best thing. This is a long one, be prepared...

While I've never been a "big" girl, I've also not been at my skinniest potential and that's something I've always battled with on some level or another. My problem has always been a lack of motivation & accountability. I feel like talking about it will, or should, help with that. I'm hoping!

My weight has always fluctuated but not greatly and I always end up balancing out. Even after my exchange abroad in university where I gained way too much weight - probably all that wine, frozen pizzas & cartons of ice cream - I managed to bounce back after getting back into a regular routine once I got home.

Over the last year and a half though, I've slowly been gaining weight and I can't seem to get a handle on it. It started with Mike moving in and the increased food consumption. I do recognize it's my fault with my love of food and hate of any and all exercise, but I used to somehow manage those two &keep my weight in check.

Lately I just feel gross. I'm super conscious of my belly area and what feels like my ever-expanding thunder thighs. None of this is based on weighing myself; purely on how my clothes fit. Clothes that used to fit great and now barely fit at all. However, I refuse to be forced to update my wardrobe...

A year ago, I even joined the gym and was going regularly! But after a month of no (visible) results, I started going less and less. Then I just abandoned everything for a while after we got engaged, started looking for a place to buy, I was working overtime every single day & ultimately Christmas time hit.

It wasn't until a few weeks after we had moved and settled in that I got back into going to the gym's group classes. I tried body combat, zumba and body pump. They were fun but not enough to keep me going b/c of their 8:30PM slots. By the time I get home & shower, it's bed time - no thanks. The theory of 80% food/20% exercise also made it rather convenient for me to abandon the much-hate workouts.

So I decided I'd focus on the food part and started a low carb diet. Have you even met my love of carbs?! Seriously. However, I was surprised at how much easier it was (considering I expected pure hell on earth) and the weekly cheat day helped for sure. I felt more full after eating less, less bloated. But I could only live off eggs and bacon for so long before it got old and I slowly fell off the wagon. I can't say I noticed any other big differences. Mind you, it was barely a month...

In the meantime, I'd started reading a book on the 8-hour diet. Basically, you can eat whatever you'd like (though you should really still follow the super health food groups they outline) within an 8-hour time period. That's it. You don't even have to do it every day necessarily. The theory is that it forces your body to fast for the remaining 16 hours. A theory I have yet to prove - I tried it out strictly for a little while & I'm currently following it loosely.

Thing is I really suck at working out because I get bored and because I don't really know the "correct" workout strategies to get me to my goals. That and making time for it with the little time I have after work. Also a warning - when I'm hungry, I am down right hangry!

Mostly I'm writing about this to get it off my chest and to feel a little bit more accountable for making some results happen. And maybe to not feel so alone...

I have some updates since I originally started writing this so I'll def be posting about it again. Plus, remember how I need to stay accountable?

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