July 2, 2014

Canada Day Blast

I have mixed feelings about the random Tuesday off for this year's Canada Day holiday.

On the one hand, it was a nice mid-week day off. But on the other, it made work ridiculously crazy for me with most people taking extra long weekends and it made me...really motherfucking stabby.

But a day off is a day off, amiright?!

So you would think that living in Toronto means have an abundance of fireworks options. Yeah, not really. The big displays are either really far east or west of downtown and that's a bitch to get to.

However, we did find out that the Harbourfront does a Canada Eve fireworks show & totally hit that up.


I mean, maybe I'm biased because I love fireworks and that's my only insane request for our wedding (still working on convincing dC) but they were awesome!

It was super difficult to pick the "highlight" pictures but these are my faves.

 photo blogsignature3-25-13_zps17b9422f.jpg

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  1. I'm surprised we didn't run into each other! There weren't *that* many people and not a huge area of spots to choose from. I loved the ending. Amazing. I'll back you up on the fireworks at your wedding!


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