June 4, 2014

Wedding Bells

On Saturday, we attended the wedding of our close friends. This is the first wedding we've been to of mutual friends. Previously, it's been my friend or dC's friend but this one was of mutual friends. I know that sounds unimportant but it actually makes it that much better. Our entire group of friends (and others) celebrating two great people that we all know.

What's also awesome is that their story is so similar to ours! We met around the same [just over 3 years ago] through our corporate softball team and we started dating just before them. They did get engaged much sooner, about 9 months before us, and [clearly] got married a year before us.

It's totally cool and insane for us have grown together like that & it was amazing to take part in their special day.

But let's face it - pictures are the best so here we go! Fair warning, there's only one picture here where I am/have not consumed alcohol.

Taking a {drinking} break while we wait for the reception!

Dance, dance!

With the groom...

...and with the bride!

The night may have been a blur, but it was surely one of the best blurs ever! 

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  1. You guys are too cute! I love your dress, shoes, hair, everything!


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