June 13, 2014

Book Club - Allegiant

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Notice how the ratings of this book series progressively decrease? Yeah I wasn't so impressed by the end of it. At the same time, I couldn't just stop reading the series. I'm a girl who finishes what she starts.

Why did I hate it?  Hate is a strong word. More like, disliked greatly. I was frustrated with where the author took the concept and I think she had other options. Plus, (view spoiler). As much as I'd grown to like the characters in the first half, I was ultra sick of them by the last half.

I probably make it sound worse than it is because again, you can't not read the last book of the trilogy; just don't expect greatness like in the beginning.

I totally want to have a more detailed discussion on the trilogy with anyone who's read them & is interested :)

Thanks to  Heather & Katie for hosting!

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  1. Overall I would say I still enjoyed this series, but I would agree with you completely that Divergent was the best and each one was a little less enjoyable.

  2. My love for the books decreased as I went along too however I had to finish the trilogy!


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