May 27, 2014

They've Still Got It Going On!

A couple of weeks ago, my sister and I hit up a Backstreet Boys concert!

I have yet to find the proper combination of words to describe how incredible it was. I wasn't even excited until we got into the arena and saw all of the other people girls.

To be honest, I hadn't listened to the Backstreet Boys in a really long time but they were my choice boy band in my tween years. Once all of those memories started flooding back though, there was no stopping them. All I know is that I am beyond glad I waited nearly 20 years (HOLY SHIT!) to see a #BSB concert because I was able to fully, truly appreciate it!

As soon as we got our t-shirts, it was game on!

It was hard to pick the best pics b/c I spent most of my time enjoying the show or taking vids - post to come! - but these are the highlights!

Gettin' the party started!

Can you guess which song?!

They had us use our cellphone flashes as lighters & it was actually super cool!

Before you ask, no - I have no idea how those girls got to be up on stage.

Lovin' their fans! But not me... :(

They seriously have still got it, oh man....

Totally fake ending...ENCORE ENCORE ENCORE!

I'll be posting the videos from the concert so make sure to come back!

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  1. So much fun! And you can pay extra to sit on stage. They actually have a bunch of perks you can pay extra for, the other one you probably noticed were the girls in the pit at the front of the stage. But they're also letting you pay to go to sound check, and pay to go to an after party with them afterwards. We didn't pay, I'd love to go all out and do it all next time.


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