May 13, 2014

Girls Weekend Success!

Remember when I posted this rant and asked you to save me? Well no worries guys, I survived and I'm happy to report that the weekend was way better than anyone imagined.

I credit this to having low expectations. #PessimismWin

Friday Night
There were enough beds for everyone! Literally, the perfect amount. Between a couple of girls being sick & the owners low-balling the bed count, we were all happy and comfy for sleeping off our alcohol consumption fun. That is probably the best news I could have delivered but way to make us worry for nothing.

By the time everyone arrives, Megs and I will hopefully have set up everything and the bachelorette shenanigans can begin! There will be party favours for everyone and a few rambunctious games to get the night started.
Party favours? I am not a party favours kinda girl, ya know.

Party favours were actually entertaining - pinning weird paper dicks onto a poster? Sure! Blow up dicks? Yes please!

Obviously we did the obligatory pictures before going out - what kind of girls party would this be otherwise?

Me & the bride to be :)

Please take note of my dick straw...

And remember this:
Then it's out for the night! I've struggled to get a hold of them to reserve space for our large party but at the very least I have confirmed our party on the Guest List and if we get there before 11:30 pm there is no cover :)
So you mean a booth which we'd have to pay for, which you didn't ask us about...yet again...

Non-issue...because the club was CLOSED! That's right. Lights off, doors shut, no one around - closed. So we quickly re-located to the pub, which was lame as fuck because I am a dancing queen love to dance so that's not my scene. But there were some fun moments with a few bachelor parties though I did not capture those on camera.

Let me fix your veil

Sober kisses for the bride!

Totally slept in. It was amazing. 'Nuff said. Then had fun making breakfast...I just set the table though...

And I don't know why ever doubted the planned day activity, but it was fucking awesome.

We are going on  tour that they call "Ladies Day" I'm picturing a 'Grandmas Day' here which includes a Tour along [the] Bay to [...]. We will have a private sampling of 4 different wines and 3 different cheeses - playing on Sarah's love for cheese lol- at the [...] Vineyard.  Why are you not giving me more wine and cheese? WHY?!

No, it wasn't enough wine or cheese but it certainly paved the way to our own wine & cheese party back at the chalet!

BEST selfie + photobomb action in the background!

You know what else I totally underestimated? The lingerie was hilarious & totally made me want to have one. You ladies are all invited!

She had to clip our names to each one based on who she thought got what

The rest of the evening out was quite lame - the Italian restaurant sucked balls and we went back to the same pub which was crowded as fuck and even more annoying than the first night.

It's a good thing everyone felt that way and agreed with me that we should head back to the chalet!

Those were some interesting drunken conversations that's for sure. Full of debates over what you do when your MOH gets pregnant and is due two weeks after your wedding! Especially if it's your own damn sister and she didn't tell you until the middle of your second trimester...Oh no it's not me, don't worry guys. Haha 

And that's about it...peaced out early on Sunday after cleaning our room and made it back to the city in time for Game 7 of the Raptors/Brooklyn NBA playoffs. That...I'm not ready to talk about yet.

I want to hear some of your bachelorette horror/awesome stories! Share, share, share!

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