May 1, 2014

Girls Weekend Get-Me-Away

I'm going away for the weekend for a bachelorette party and couldn't possibly be less thrilled about it. Crazy, right?

It's a few hours north of the city in what's considered (at least to me) a ski resort. It's May. The biggest piss off I think is the fact that the guys did their bachelor party last week  - and went to Vegas. Yeah, I'm sure you heard me complain about that.

The worst part  - the organization. We only found out major details 2 days ago and before that had only been told the cost & location. No polls on where to go or what to do. Just, here it is.

Which would be fine and dandy...if I didn't think the plans are shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit. Here's the MOH's email with my very necessary side comments. My favourite are all the nervous 'lol's scattered throughout.


I wanted to send this out much sooner but it has actually been a doozy trying to plan things for a group our size lol. A doozy? Who says that? And you though planning for 14 was going to be a breeze, I should probably be worried already. But not to worry, I think I've set up a pretty great weekend for us all! I will be the judge of that...

Here is everything you need to know about this weekend......deep breath! This is gonna hurt.

We are staying in a Chalet in [...].
** The Chalet is meant to sleep 11. There are only 12 of us the first night so it should be fine but I'm going to recommend bringing at least 1 set of extra blankets/pillows/air mattress amongst who you're coming with - there will be 14 of us the 2nd night. - we'll have to get cozy!
This is starting to sound like a camping trip. And I hate camping.

**They do provide some linens but they have recommended bringing your own linens, towels and pillow cases
Oh wait, yes it's a full-blow camping trip. Shoot me now.

By the time everyone arrives, Megs and I will hopefully have set up everything and the bachelorette shenanigans can begin! There will be party favours for everyone and a few rambunctious games to get the night started.
Party favours? I am not a party favours kinda girl, ya know.

** We are covered for all meals (read on) and I'll have a few snacks but I suggest bringing what ever you would like to munch on!
At this point I'm scared b/c I'm recently on a low carb, low sugar diet & have to be hardcore selective...

Then it's out for the night! I've struggled to get a hold of them to reserve space for our large party but at the very least I have confirmed our party on the Guest List and if we get there before 11:30 pm there is no cover :)
So you mean a booth which we'd have to pay for, which you didn't ask us about...yet again...

Saturday morning is left open so that we can sleep in and have LOTS of time to recuperate before our day plans - or if you're a champ this is when you can go discover the village,go shopping whatever you like!
Don't let this fool you - she chose a chalet that is about 30 minutes away from the village so unless you have a car, you're spending the morning tip toeing around all those air mattresses.

I'll be bringing everything we need to have some breakfast so you don't have to worry about that - it's on me! :)
Still weary of this 'kind' gesture...

coffee/tea + milk/cream/sugar + juice
muffins/fruit + french toast/pancakes + bacon
So yup, I can only drink coffee & eat bacon. Yay skinnies.

For the day,most of you know the plans have changed. The Spa, again, was not able to accommodate a group of our size. They do not take reservations for anything other than their main treatments - this would have us waiting up to 4 hours to get into the baths with pretty much no chance of us all being able to go in together  - I figured this was not ideal.
For me, the Spa was the only reason I agreed to go to this thing. Thanks for letting me know it's not happening. Three days before we leave. After we've all paid you...

SO we're doing something completely different! lol. We are going on  tour that they call "Ladies Day" I'm picturing a 'Grandmas Day' here which includes a Tour along [the] Bay to [...]. We will have a private sampling of 4 different wines and 3 different cheeses - playing on Sarah's love for cheese lol- at the [...] Vineyard.
Why are you not giving me more wine and cheese? WHY?!

When we get back and settled, this is when I'd like to play the lingerie guessing game.
** Remember Sarah is guessing what lingerie came from who so do not include a card or who it is from, also try to bring it in a discreet bag/wrapping or at least pack it away so that Sarah doesn't see you arrive with it. Whoever is guessed last will win a prize! Can the prize be a bed of my own?

Also, has anyone even heard of this game before? I think it's so weird. I really do not want to know exactly what you're going to be wearing in your bedroom. TMI.

We have reservations for dinner at [...] Italian [...] for 8:30 pm. Italians - the kings of carbs. Not to mention that I shouldn't be eating so late. Oh wait, why am I surprised?

**They have informed me that they will not split bills with parties larger than 6 so we'll just have to group up on the bills. Restaurants like this are just assholes. I'm getting used to the inconveniences by now though.

Then I thought we could head over to [...] Irish Pub for a more relaxed drunken evening, obviously if something else/better comes up we can do that too! Our big Saturday night thing is a pub? For real? There better be a fucking cat fight or something.

Check out is at 11am so Sunday will just consist of us all getting our butts out of bed and packed up to go :) Can't wait to see you all and just e-mail me if you have any questions, other than that I'll see you all there!
Can't wait till it's over!!!

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  1. This has me worried for you lol just keep a drink in your hand and it'll be over before you know it.
    1) But really, 30 minute drive from the village???!
    2) And I hope it's a damn good pub to drive all the way to {ski resort} to do that on a Saturday night!
    3) I hate places that don't split bills. Someone always gets screwed and people never put in enough.
    4) I mean, I think I've heard of lingerie parties before, but never really considered how they work. Do you try to pick something that's her style? Then what if it's all the same? Then how do you guess? Do you pick something that's your style? Even weirder.
    5) And don't even get my started on the fact that there's not enough beds for everyone?? Oy.
    You can do this lol

  2. Soooo, ridiculous. I actually read this the other day on my phone in the airport and forgot to comment, but your commentary had me LOLing and Jacob kept giving me weird looks. I gotta know how it went!


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