May 29, 2014

BSB on Video

The other day I posted the pictures from the BSB concert that I went to with my sister. While nothing beats the real deal - and believe me, it was incredible - I took some videos for y'all! Some are better than others...just excuse the cellphone quality!

And hordes of screaming girls...and maybe my occasional singing... :)

Concert Intro

As Long As You Love Me...just like the music video

Quit Playin' Games with Heart...Is it just me or are those girls on stage totally unappreciative of their luck?

I Want It That Way...this is a short one

We've Got It (Goin' On)...oh hellllll yes they still do! Quality here starts of bad but improves.

Backstreet's Back (Everybody)...My absolutely favourite!! Of course it has the worst quality of them all :(

What's your favourite Backstreet Boys song??

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  1. Awesome concert! By the time I found someone to go with me down here, there were only single tickets left. Boo! I don't even think I can pick one favorite song! I love I Want It That Way, Quit Playing Games, Everybody, and Larger Than Life.


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