May 7, 2014

Backstreet's Back!

Tomorrow night, I am fulfilling my 10 year-old self's dream - going to a Backstreet Boys concert.

I still can't believe I'm saying that, feels so weird. When my sister first told I wasn't fully convinced because guess what - I'm no longer ten and my musical tastes have changed drastically. But then I remembered this:

...and I owe to my younger self, so we're going!

To prep myself I've been listening to a slew of BSB's old hits (in no particular order) to get myself pumped. I cannot even believe how many of these songs I still remember all of the lyrics to!!!

So tell me - were you a BSB fan? Did you see them in concert as kid and/or adult?
C'mon BSB fans!!!

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  1. I saw them when they were huge in 2001 and then again, TWO TIMES, when they were on tour with NKOTB. They were amazing, especially during the NKOTBSB tour. I'm trying so hard to get someone to go to this tour with me too. They were without Kevin last time. I'm so jealous! Have a blast!!

  2. Oh.My.Gosh. I am SOOOOOOO jealous! Post!!! Pictures!!!

    1. I finally posted them...this week...oops! :)


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