May 29, 2014

BSB on Video

The other day I posted the pictures from the BSB concert that I went to with my sister. While nothing beats the real deal - and believe me, it was incredible - I took some videos for y'all! Some are better than others...just excuse the cellphone quality!

And hordes of screaming girls...and maybe my occasional singing... :)

Concert Intro

As Long As You Love Me...just like the music video

Quit Playin' Games with Heart...Is it just me or are those girls on stage totally unappreciative of their luck?

I Want It That Way...this is a short one

We've Got It (Goin' On)...oh hellllll yes they still do! Quality here starts of bad but improves.

Backstreet's Back (Everybody)...My absolutely favourite!! Of course it has the worst quality of them all :(

What's your favourite Backstreet Boys song??

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May 28, 2014

Review: April ipsy Glam Bag

So I'm like a month late with this review but what the hell am I not a month late with these days?! Right, let's not dwell on that shit & just get started!

April was my very first ipsy Glambag and I was absolutely thrilled with it! The US bag is only $10US, but in Canada there is an extra $5US shipping charge plus the conversion. Still, not very much for everything that you get.

Here are my thoughts on the products...

Cailyn Tinted Lip Balm in Acid Pink
ipsy website

Let's call this what it is really is - AMAZING lip tint. It is definitely not just 'lip balm'.
Fuchsia had been on my mind for a couple of weeks so the timing of this could not have been more perfect!
This was also my first experience with lip tint b/c I'd heard they tend to dry out your lips but this definitely did not such thing!

I absolutely love this product and I know it's going to last me ages b/c I used just a small amount to get perfectly-coated, bold pink lips.

Urban Decay 24/7 Velvet Glide-On Eye Pencil (Travel Size)
ipsy website

I don't love this eyeliner. Don't get me wrong, it's fine. But it's definitely nothing I haven't gotten out of other eyeliners and I just wouldn't spend the money.\

City Color White Gold Shadow & Highlight Mousse
ipsy website

This is another product that's going to last me approximately forever. Which great b/c I really like it! I've used this as inner corner eyeshadow as well as highlighter on my brow bone and am happy with both. It's very light colour but it doesn't end up looking white like some others I've tried. Overall, I'm super happy with this product.

Benefit Lollitint (Travel Size)
ipsy website
This is definitely the product I was most excited about b/c I'm not a Sephora shopper so I don't get to try these coveted brands.
For a little tiny thing, it definitely packs a lot of pigmentation and I love the candy-orchid colour.

It's advertised for lips & cheeks, however I've only used it on cheeks. The only downside is that while yes, they do warn you to apply and blend immediately, I was still left with a slightly darker pigment mark where I first brushed it on. A better way to apply this is to brush it onto two fingers and then blend onto your cheeks to avoid that mark.

KISS Looks So Natural Lashes
ipsy website

This is the only product I haven't yet tried so I can't give you a full review. That doesn't mean I wasn't excited about getting these - I'm just super terrible at applying fake lashes & the opportunity where I want to put that much effort in, just hasn't arisen. I'll check back in when I've tried these!

Have you tried any of these products?? I'd love to hear your thoughts!

If you're interested in ipsy & don't mind helping me get some bonus points, click here! :)

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May 27, 2014

They've Still Got It Going On!

A couple of weeks ago, my sister and I hit up a Backstreet Boys concert!

I have yet to find the proper combination of words to describe how incredible it was. I wasn't even excited until we got into the arena and saw all of the other people girls.

To be honest, I hadn't listened to the Backstreet Boys in a really long time but they were my choice boy band in my tween years. Once all of those memories started flooding back though, there was no stopping them. All I know is that I am beyond glad I waited nearly 20 years (HOLY SHIT!) to see a #BSB concert because I was able to fully, truly appreciate it!

As soon as we got our t-shirts, it was game on!

It was hard to pick the best pics b/c I spent most of my time enjoying the show or taking vids - post to come! - but these are the highlights!

Gettin' the party started!

Can you guess which song?!

They had us use our cellphone flashes as lighters & it was actually super cool!

Before you ask, no - I have no idea how those girls got to be up on stage.

Lovin' their fans! But not me... :(

They seriously have still got it, oh man....

Totally fake ending...ENCORE ENCORE ENCORE!

I'll be posting the videos from the concert so make sure to come back!

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May 26, 2014

4th Bloggy Birthday

I can't believe that four years ago today, I sat here and wrote my first post.

I still remember all of my thoughts and feelings leading up to starting the blog and that very first post. Mainly, excitement. I wanted to start a new chapter in life, for various reasons, and I wanted it documented. Well, I'm so glad that I did that! One of my favourite things to do is read old posts and re-live whatever was happening.

I did a good job of that for the first couple of years...but then something changed. I started prioritizing living over documenting life. I feel good and bad about that but for me, it has always come down to time and there's just not enough of it. I would have to quit my job for this blog to be what I want it to be and I'm totally down for that, but Mike says it won't pay the mortgage haha

But I've also decided that I don't want to quit the blog yet and am working on making it work! Not rid of me just yet ;)

So here's to the last 4 years and to [at least] several more! :)

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May 23, 2014

Book Club - Divergent

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This book definitely lived up to my expectations after hearing about it for so long. The best, and maybe worst, way to describe it is a Hunger Games-esque YA thriller. Post-revolution, segregated society which is dependent on its youth to break free. But it also had a totally different vibe to it than HG...
It was a total page turner and I was especially eager to read it quick because I couldn't wait to see the movie. My only disappointment was that I didn't feel a crazy connection with any of the characters but I figured that would build in the next novel...

Thanks to  Heather & Katie for hosting!

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May 13, 2014

Girls Weekend Success!

Remember when I posted this rant and asked you to save me? Well no worries guys, I survived and I'm happy to report that the weekend was way better than anyone imagined.

I credit this to having low expectations. #PessimismWin

Friday Night
There were enough beds for everyone! Literally, the perfect amount. Between a couple of girls being sick & the owners low-balling the bed count, we were all happy and comfy for sleeping off our alcohol consumption fun. That is probably the best news I could have delivered but way to make us worry for nothing.

By the time everyone arrives, Megs and I will hopefully have set up everything and the bachelorette shenanigans can begin! There will be party favours for everyone and a few rambunctious games to get the night started.
Party favours? I am not a party favours kinda girl, ya know.

Party favours were actually entertaining - pinning weird paper dicks onto a poster? Sure! Blow up dicks? Yes please!

Obviously we did the obligatory pictures before going out - what kind of girls party would this be otherwise?

Me & the bride to be :)

Please take note of my dick straw...

And remember this:
Then it's out for the night! I've struggled to get a hold of them to reserve space for our large party but at the very least I have confirmed our party on the Guest List and if we get there before 11:30 pm there is no cover :)
So you mean a booth which we'd have to pay for, which you didn't ask us about...yet again...

Non-issue...because the club was CLOSED! That's right. Lights off, doors shut, no one around - closed. So we quickly re-located to the pub, which was lame as fuck because I am a dancing queen love to dance so that's not my scene. But there were some fun moments with a few bachelor parties though I did not capture those on camera.

Let me fix your veil

Sober kisses for the bride!

Totally slept in. It was amazing. 'Nuff said. Then had fun making breakfast...I just set the table though...

And I don't know why ever doubted the planned day activity, but it was fucking awesome.

We are going on  tour that they call "Ladies Day" I'm picturing a 'Grandmas Day' here which includes a Tour along [the] Bay to [...]. We will have a private sampling of 4 different wines and 3 different cheeses - playing on Sarah's love for cheese lol- at the [...] Vineyard.  Why are you not giving me more wine and cheese? WHY?!

No, it wasn't enough wine or cheese but it certainly paved the way to our own wine & cheese party back at the chalet!

BEST selfie + photobomb action in the background!

You know what else I totally underestimated? The lingerie was hilarious & totally made me want to have one. You ladies are all invited!

She had to clip our names to each one based on who she thought got what

The rest of the evening out was quite lame - the Italian restaurant sucked balls and we went back to the same pub which was crowded as fuck and even more annoying than the first night.

It's a good thing everyone felt that way and agreed with me that we should head back to the chalet!

Those were some interesting drunken conversations that's for sure. Full of debates over what you do when your MOH gets pregnant and is due two weeks after your wedding! Especially if it's your own damn sister and she didn't tell you until the middle of your second trimester...Oh no it's not me, don't worry guys. Haha 

And that's about it...peaced out early on Sunday after cleaning our room and made it back to the city in time for Game 7 of the Raptors/Brooklyn NBA playoffs. That...I'm not ready to talk about yet.

I want to hear some of your bachelorette horror/awesome stories! Share, share, share!

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May 7, 2014

Backstreet's Back!

Tomorrow night, I am fulfilling my 10 year-old self's dream - going to a Backstreet Boys concert.

I still can't believe I'm saying that, feels so weird. When my sister first told I wasn't fully convinced because guess what - I'm no longer ten and my musical tastes have changed drastically. But then I remembered this:

...and I owe to my younger self, so we're going!

To prep myself I've been listening to a slew of BSB's old hits (in no particular order) to get myself pumped. I cannot even believe how many of these songs I still remember all of the lyrics to!!!

So tell me - were you a BSB fan? Did you see them in concert as kid and/or adult?
C'mon BSB fans!!!

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May 2, 2014

Nail Files - 5.02

Linking up with my girl Jennie for...

I'm tired of waiting for real spring to arrive so I painted my nails in spring colours anyway. Such a rebel.

Can't wait for more spring colours and then...dare I say it...summer colours!

Happy Weekend!

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May 1, 2014

Girls Weekend Get-Me-Away

I'm going away for the weekend for a bachelorette party and couldn't possibly be less thrilled about it. Crazy, right?

It's a few hours north of the city in what's considered (at least to me) a ski resort. It's May. The biggest piss off I think is the fact that the guys did their bachelor party last week  - and went to Vegas. Yeah, I'm sure you heard me complain about that.

The worst part  - the organization. We only found out major details 2 days ago and before that had only been told the cost & location. No polls on where to go or what to do. Just, here it is.

Which would be fine and dandy...if I didn't think the plans are shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit. Here's the MOH's email with my very necessary side comments. My favourite are all the nervous 'lol's scattered throughout.


I wanted to send this out much sooner but it has actually been a doozy trying to plan things for a group our size lol. A doozy? Who says that? And you though planning for 14 was going to be a breeze, I should probably be worried already. But not to worry, I think I've set up a pretty great weekend for us all! I will be the judge of that...

Here is everything you need to know about this weekend......deep breath! This is gonna hurt.

We are staying in a Chalet in [...].
** The Chalet is meant to sleep 11. There are only 12 of us the first night so it should be fine but I'm going to recommend bringing at least 1 set of extra blankets/pillows/air mattress amongst who you're coming with - there will be 14 of us the 2nd night. - we'll have to get cozy!
This is starting to sound like a camping trip. And I hate camping.

**They do provide some linens but they have recommended bringing your own linens, towels and pillow cases
Oh wait, yes it's a full-blow camping trip. Shoot me now.

By the time everyone arrives, Megs and I will hopefully have set up everything and the bachelorette shenanigans can begin! There will be party favours for everyone and a few rambunctious games to get the night started.
Party favours? I am not a party favours kinda girl, ya know.

** We are covered for all meals (read on) and I'll have a few snacks but I suggest bringing what ever you would like to munch on!
At this point I'm scared b/c I'm recently on a low carb, low sugar diet & have to be hardcore selective...

Then it's out for the night! I've struggled to get a hold of them to reserve space for our large party but at the very least I have confirmed our party on the Guest List and if we get there before 11:30 pm there is no cover :)
So you mean a booth which we'd have to pay for, which you didn't ask us about...yet again...

Saturday morning is left open so that we can sleep in and have LOTS of time to recuperate before our day plans - or if you're a champ this is when you can go discover the village,go shopping whatever you like!
Don't let this fool you - she chose a chalet that is about 30 minutes away from the village so unless you have a car, you're spending the morning tip toeing around all those air mattresses.

I'll be bringing everything we need to have some breakfast so you don't have to worry about that - it's on me! :)
Still weary of this 'kind' gesture...

coffee/tea + milk/cream/sugar + juice
muffins/fruit + french toast/pancakes + bacon
So yup, I can only drink coffee & eat bacon. Yay skinnies.

For the day,most of you know the plans have changed. The Spa, again, was not able to accommodate a group of our size. They do not take reservations for anything other than their main treatments - this would have us waiting up to 4 hours to get into the baths with pretty much no chance of us all being able to go in together  - I figured this was not ideal.
For me, the Spa was the only reason I agreed to go to this thing. Thanks for letting me know it's not happening. Three days before we leave. After we've all paid you...

SO we're doing something completely different! lol. We are going on  tour that they call "Ladies Day" I'm picturing a 'Grandmas Day' here which includes a Tour along [the] Bay to [...]. We will have a private sampling of 4 different wines and 3 different cheeses - playing on Sarah's love for cheese lol- at the [...] Vineyard.
Why are you not giving me more wine and cheese? WHY?!

When we get back and settled, this is when I'd like to play the lingerie guessing game.
** Remember Sarah is guessing what lingerie came from who so do not include a card or who it is from, also try to bring it in a discreet bag/wrapping or at least pack it away so that Sarah doesn't see you arrive with it. Whoever is guessed last will win a prize! Can the prize be a bed of my own?

Also, has anyone even heard of this game before? I think it's so weird. I really do not want to know exactly what you're going to be wearing in your bedroom. TMI.

We have reservations for dinner at [...] Italian [...] for 8:30 pm. Italians - the kings of carbs. Not to mention that I shouldn't be eating so late. Oh wait, why am I surprised?

**They have informed me that they will not split bills with parties larger than 6 so we'll just have to group up on the bills. Restaurants like this are just assholes. I'm getting used to the inconveniences by now though.

Then I thought we could head over to [...] Irish Pub for a more relaxed drunken evening, obviously if something else/better comes up we can do that too! Our big Saturday night thing is a pub? For real? There better be a fucking cat fight or something.

Check out is at 11am so Sunday will just consist of us all getting our butts out of bed and packed up to go :) Can't wait to see you all and just e-mail me if you have any questions, other than that I'll see you all there!
Can't wait till it's over!!!

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