April 2, 2014

Birthday à la Asian

I love it when birthdays are on a Friday because they really let you milk the whole birthday weekend! I know, it's not even my birthday but it's Mike's and I get pumped up enough for the both of us.

Friday morning started with cake for breakfast!
The Napoleon Cake I made
Birthday boy blowing out his candle :)

After work we headed to a beer market with live music - and got zero pictures of course. You'll just have to trust me when I tell you that we had a good time with good friends :)

Saturday was relax day - despite not being hungover at all! #winning - and watched lots of Breaking Bad. We're now on the final season - supposed to be the best one! No spoilers!

That night we went for our just-the-two-of-us birthday dinner & got dim sum in Chinatown. Honestly, I've barely been to Chinatown and never eaten there but it was great! Next time I want to go to one of those places where the bring you dim sum on carts!

Dim sum & chinese buns

My mango pudding desert #favesies

Chinese lantern lights in Chinatown
We ended the night in Toronto's ultra mini Times Square - Dundas Square:
Big, bright lights

Sunday was family birthday lunch and went for Korean BBQ. Have you had it before? So much fun and so delicious! For those that are unfamiliar, you cook your own food (usually mainly meat and some veggies) on a grill in the centre of your table.

We didn't end our Asian-ing there however; instead, we headed to the popular Asian flea market mall, Pacific Mall. It was incredible. I mean, I love flea markets because they're crazy but this one was so organized! And so much stuff! Granted, there was definitely an overload of phone cases but there was also a giant selection of knock off purses. And I'm all about the knock offs. $500 for MK purse? No thanks. $60? Sure! While I didn't pick any up, it was purely out of indecision and I will certainly be going back!

Finally, we hit a popular Asian grocery store, T&T, before heading home and ran into these guys:

Overall, a crazy fun birthday weekend and it wasn't even my birthday! See, the post title wasn't just because of birthday boy's background! :P

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  1. dim sum!! i haven't been in a while but now i'm craving it. pacific mall is bananas; i avoid it at all costs!

    Vodka and Soda

  2. I'm all for cake for breakfast! After all, when you think about it, it can't be any worse than a doughnut or poptart, right?

  3. What a fun weekend! Good food! Your cake looks so good. I think breakfast cake needs to be a new tradition around here.


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