March 19, 2014

Wedding Planner

We've actually nailed down an important piece since my last wedding post so now it's time to do some real planning.

I won't be hiring a wedding planner because that's not something we have the budget for (although having someone that last week and day of would be great!) and let's face it - I would micro-manage the shit out of that poor individual. I'm stumped. I can't figure out which online tool I should use. The best source for this answer = you ladies :)

I have this Knot binder from my amazing MOH, which I will be using, but I also need an online source & website designer.

These are the three I'm looking at: 

I'm asking a lovely wedding planner friend as well, but what did you use? Pros/Cons? Helpful, not so much? Did I miss any good ones?

I'm linking up these gals because it's been so great getting feedback from other brides-to-be!

Wedding Wednesday Love Always Nancy J

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  1. I would say Pinterest was much more helpful to me than I would ever have thought. I guess that was my planner? I pinned stuff before we were engaged, but after we got engaged, I separated all the pins into their own boards. So, "flowers, hair, dresses, decor, ceremony" those kinds of things all had their own pins in them. It was organized and I also kept up with it. I deleted pins that I didn't like any more or didn't fit in our vision. I also deleted any that Jeremy vetoed.

    I used my floral board to find inspiration for our florist. And it's so easy to just send them pictures of what you like and see if they can recreate it. So helpful!

    Thanks for linking up!

  2. I LOVED the Knot. I was on Wedding Wire mostly for vendor reviews, but overall, I found the Knot much more useful. Their wedding shop has really good prices too, often beating Michael's and Hobby Lobby.

  3. I used wedding wire to host our wedding website page (simple to use and i thought was prettier and more options than theknot) Pinterest was a great resource for me as A LOT of my wedding was DIY. I didn't use an online tracking system but I did print out a good check list here ( and a 'budget guide' that i used as a more detailed check list (,article/355/free-printables-wedding-budget-planner)

  4. I use Wedding Wire and the knot to keep track of my check list and countdown, but that's about it! I think Pinterest and Etsy have been my biggest sources of inspiration and I just keep everything I needed organized in spreadsheets in a Wedding folder on my computer.

  5. I had my friends send me their most useful spreadhseets and put everything I think I could need into one giant google doc that I can share with the fiance ! so helpful to have something we can easily share!

  6. Have you looked at weddingbee yet? I was obsessed with that website when and even before I was engaged!

    I actually bought a big planner like that, but barely used it. Instead I kept most everything together using google docs. Good luck!!


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