January 16, 2014

the 2013 that was...

Why yes, I am doing a 2013 year in review halfway through January...problem?

That should really be a testament as to how crazy our lives have been pretty much since we got back from vacation.

I don't know about all y'all but 2013 was a huge year for me.

In February I got a new job, after a really long time of being used and abused at my old job. And after an adjustment period, I'm totally into this not-so-new job.!

In January, Mike moved in to my our apartment. We also went through an adjustment period there, but it was definitely a necessary step in right direction for our relationship. Obviously there are always bumps but 2013 was pretty love-licious for us and so...we got ENGAGED in September during our California vacation!!! More on that in the next post...

Which is pretty much when the updates stopped. October-December were absolutely.bloody.insane. at work. Late nights and overtime like I don't ever want to remember you won't even believe. In hindsight, there was a purpose to it & was totally worth it because I got promoted right before my birthday! Yes, happy birthday to me indeed :)

December was crazy because I mean, when aren't the Holidays busy, amiright?! But we also moved forward with our decision to buy & move, and right before Christmas we purchased a home of our own! Merry Christmas to us!

We move in just over 3 weeks, quite fast I know, meaning January has been just as insane! I really hate dealing with things that are unfamiliar to me because I like to think I know everything, so this has been extra stressful for me. Soon though...soon.

So while this doesn't necessarily excuse my absenteeism, I hope it explains it...

I keep making blog plans like dozens of draft posts, not to mention an overdue facelift, but it all just gets pushed out as a result of life. I'll work on it, promise!!!

2013 treated us incredibly well and it's hard to imagine more milestones and more happiness in 2014, but I'm actually incredibly excited to see what it has in store!!!

...Right after I finish packing up our apartment...send help. Please?
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  1. 2013 was a good year for you!! Congrats on your new home!!!!

  2. How's the packing going?! Even I'm getting excited for you guys! lol


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