January 24, 2014

Nail Files - 1.24

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Today I'm reviewing these puppies:

I received this press-on manicure in my first Influenster Maple Vox Box last month. I used to do my own glue-on manicure in university quite frequently, although I always opted for the french mani. The shape of my nailsbeds and fingers make easy for me to pull this off without them seeming obviously fake so I was totally open to giving these a try, even though pattern was bolder than what I'm used to.

What I remember from previous self-applications is a lot of glue. A lot. Well, no more of that! These nails are pre-stickied (such a technical term) and covered with a clear film. Once you match up your nail sizes (12 different sizes, 2 of each = 24 nails), you just peel off the film, stick it on. Don't forget to press & hold too!

It.was.so.easy! I love it!

I even matched the nail sizes so that I'd have enough for two applications (with four nails left over) so BAM - 2 manis in 1!

I totally recommend these if you're looking to cover up your real nails for a bit (mine were breaking & chipping constantly so they needed a break & I needed something nice to look at) or just a fun mani without the effort (especially if you don't have to skills - like me).

This is from Day 2
I hope Target Canada is still having a clearance sale on their nail stuff and I can pick up some more designs for cheap!!!

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I received this product complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes. All opinions are my own.


  1. Pre-stickied?! That's so smart! And they look great! Working with real lace is such a pain because it eats top coat and you need, like, a bazillion coats to make it smooth. The next time I want that look, I'll be heading for some of these. Especially if I can get two wears out of one box! Total score!!


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