December 8, 2014

Still kicking.

Oh, hey. Look who's still alive! That's right, I am.

I'm really just going to cut to the chase - I have been beyond uninspired. Like, beyond. And not just lately; for a very long time. Somewhere along the way, this little blog lost its purpose & became something that doesn't really define me. I got sucked into some kind of black hole of blogging leading me to post things of little value and I'm not crazy about that fact.

That and I'm pretty sure I became boring. Seriously. My posts used to actually be funny! By which I mean, I read my old posts, circa late 2010 / early 2011, and they make me laugh. I'm my biggest critic.

That actually sounds extremely sad & terrible haha Probably moreso than it should, don't worry. But somewhere along the way, life sucked the life out of me & I stopped caring about documenting it.

I also became afraid of documenting it as I saw it & that just deflated me further. Surrounding myself with people who I don't feel I can be myself with 100%, and who one way or another may find my blog (which I have generally kept a secret from most people that know me IRL) makes me feel censored.

Or, made. Because I want to get back to those roots. Other people's feelings be damned. That may sound insensitive - I won't deny it - but guess what? I am not known for being sensitive to others or for censoring myself so why the fuck should I have to censor myself on MY OWN blog???

That's right, I don't. So let this be a blanket upfront apology to anyone who stumbles upon this blog (and maybe shouldn't have) and reads something that offends them. Sorry, but that's my opinion. It's not personal. Unless I specifically talk about you - then it's probably kind of personal.

So I'm not going away just yet. I love writing - I really, really do. And if I manage to get re-inspired in this tiny corner of mine on the world wide web, then GREAT. If not...well, the world is my oyster.

Can't wait for new things, whatever they may be.
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November 14, 2014

Nail Files 11.14 - B&W Jolly Jewels

Linking up with my girl Jennie for...

Here's one more of my awesome Golden Rose nail polishes! I didn't use any 
polish underneath and went with only the fancy sparkles.

This the polish I used:
Golden Rose Jolly Jewels #118
I can't wait to use my other polishes from this line! Especially the Christmas ones!

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October 3, 2014

Nail Files 10.03 - Purple Carnival

I would love to post our vacation pictures, but our internet has been the WORST this week and I haven't been able to upload anything! Working on it though!

Therefore, I'm linking up with my girl Jennie for...

I picked up a couple of amazing glitter polishes on vacation, by Golden Rose, and from the first use I've totally fallen in love. The other nails have a Sally Hansen buff polish on them.
Excuse the background - work has better lighting than my house LOL

 Close up of the feature nail

The polish:
Carnival #11

They have 26 'shades' of the Carnival line and I'm totally going to ask my mom to pick me up some more. Because of course, they sell them absolutely everywhere except for in Canada. Did I mention they cost less than $3CAD? Exactly.

Which ones catch your eye?

Have a great weekend peeps!

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September 10, 2014

Paris a la Pinterest, deux

In my last Paris Pinterest post, I realized I've only ever pinned pictures of the Eiffel Tower. While that's like, my favourite thing, it doesn't make for a very wholesome trip lol

Here are all the other things I'm looking forward to!

Breakfast like this...

Love Lock Bridge
 I have my lock ready! I know, it's kind of become a hazard. I don't care if they remove it later.

The gardens
Jardin de Luxembourg


The Louvre

These streets

These bridges



Notre Dame

Arc de Triomphe & Champs-Élysées

Bike tour

So excited I can't even tell you!

More suggestions welcome!

All pins are from my pinterest board: Paris is Always a Good Idea
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September 5, 2014

Summer Byes

Yesterday I posted Mike's fabulous CNE ride mashup video - it's awesome, watch it!

We also took some pictures last Friday at the CNE, which ended up being like the perfect day/night!

View from the gondola

Our CNE winning collection keeps growing. Everything but the 2 normal giraffes are from this year...

On Saturday we were off to Niagara to visit my fam for a couple of days. More beautiful weather - just in time for September...whomp.

Obviously, the best thing to do there is hit up Niagara on the Lake for some beautiful views.
Triplets :)

I just realized how ridiculously frumpy I look in these pics but whatever...

Obligatory selfie :)
We also brought Mr Koko because he hadn't seen his sister in a long time. He took this opportunity to climb up on everything.

Mila though, is an even bigger shit disturber, as she's now an outdoor cat.

Koko was happy with the visit - he's my absolute fave when he's smiley :)

Sunday was way too summer hot so we hit up the bike path along the lake. Which was packed with people trying to catch the air show. To be honest, the air show was nothing special and it was almost impossible to get a pic because those planes are so damn fast! But I managed ;)

And that's the end of summer fun! Bring on fall, my fave season!

Did you do anything to see summer off for the Labour Day weekend?

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September 4, 2014

Summer Ridin'

Last weekend we finally got summer weather around here. In case you don't own a calendar, last weekend was Labour Day...but I digress.

Among other things, we kept to tradition and hit up the CNE aka the Canadian National Exhibition aka The Ex aka a huge two-week carnival/midway on Friday.

This year we brought the GoPro! Warning - some of the shots look as shaky as the rides felt.

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September 3, 2014

Review: August ipsy Glambag

This month's glambag wasn't the best but it also wasn't the worst. Some really great items that made up for the less good ones.

Dr. Brandt Pores No More Pore Refiner
I've used this a couple of times and while it's good, I don't see a big difference between this and the benefit porefessional that I normally use. But it's a perfect item to keep in my makeup case for on-the-go and/or vacation.

Urban Decay Perversion Mascara
I used it once, and it was AMAZING! The sample tube is tiny so I plan on using this only for ultra special occasions only. Like my wedding...LOL

J. Cat Beauty Flying Solo Eye Shadow in Half Naked
Yes, another eye shadow. I don't think I need to tell you how little I use eye shadow and that this is the third (or forth?) time I've received one. Hopefully I stop getting them soon. However I did try it once and the colour is nice, not too bold, and goes on lightly allowing you to layer. What I really like is that there's a teeny tiny brush under the shadow making it perfect for bringing along.

Jersey Shore Sun Mongongo Lip Conditioner
I really didn't care for this lip balm. There's nothing special about it and I didn't care for the flavour. But I'm always misplacing lip balms (and nail files!) so this is an emergency one for the car.

Klorane Dry Shampoo with Oat Milk
I have not tried this yet but that's b/c I'm saving this perfectly-sized dry shampoo for vacation. I have no doubts that I'll love b/c I've read nothing but fabulous reviews. I will let you know otherwise!

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September 2, 2014

In My Head

This is my brain on a daily basis

This is why it wants to explode on a daily basis.

How do you guys stay sane?!
Besides to do lists...I have like, four.

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August 29, 2014

Book Club - My Fair Lazy

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

This was originally a 2.5 bumped up to a 3-star but it's really more of a 2-star. In hindsight (since I'm writing this about a month later), I can't remember liking anything about this book. Reading about writing, meeting deadlines, going on book tours and random not-very-interesting shenanigans got redundant. The only redeeming parts would be parts that made me laugh. I can't remember what exactly they were but I remember they existed. A few at least.

Anyway, this book was the last in this memoir series (I'm fairly certain) and it's the end of me reading Jen Lancaster books for a long while.

Thanks to  Heather & Katie for hosting!

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August 27, 2014

Friendship, redefined

Several weeks ago, we went to a friend's birthday. I was really looking forward to it - Friday night, summer, drinks - why not?! Except I was ready to go home within 10 minutes. After exchanging the standard pleasantries of 'Hey, how are you? What's new?' I quickly discovered that absolutely nothing was new.

Clearly there's a reason I call this group of friends "Mike's friends". I met them around the same time I met Mike - in fact we both did - through our old work softball league. If I hadn't stayed with Mike, I wouldn't have stayed friends with these folks. Simply because we have nothing in common except for what bonded us at first - our jobs.

Mike still gets together with them but I generally skip out on anything that isn't a birthday or some kind of 'special occasion'. I think I talk enough about being time-starved - I really have zero time to waste on friendships that are not fulfilling. 

They're nice people, don't get me wrong. But I shouldn't be struggling to make conversation 10 minutes in, right? And then sometimes there are IRL friends are ultra annoying and you just want to kick them. See this post & this one.

I do have truly good friends - ones that are like family & I will know forever - but we're not all in one tight group so it's hard to see everyone often. But when we do spend time together, it's fabulous! The kinds of friends that you can be apart from for weeks, months or longer and yet you don't miss a beat when you reunite. Those friendships are magical.

And then there are blog friends. Bloggers will understand, the rest likely will not but I think that it makes perfect sense. These are the people who the only reason you even know of their existence, even if it's halfway across the country or world, is that because when you came across their blog, at least one of their blog posts truly spoke to you. 

Then make that every post. Which is followed by regular tweeting, then texting and then, if you're very lucky enough to live in even the same time zone as that person, you get to meet face to face. Yes, it is exactly like dating. And yes, first meetings are very much like first dates. LOL

I have been lucky enough to meet two of my favourite ladies!

Bree I've known the longest - just over 2 years now - because we live in the same city. We probably don't see each other as much as we'd I'd like to - you know, life gets in the way - but when we do, there's always more than enough to talk about & catch up on. She's usually the one I consult with when events are going on around town, the first person I advise of upcoming store closures with potential for massive sales & the usual it's-too-cold-no-it's-too-hot banter.

Jennie I just got to meet last month & she's even more wonderful than she let on! We unsuccessfully met up for coffee because I got lost in the rain torrential downpour, which naturally resulted in splitting a half-price bottle of wine & we had ourselves a ball! Believe me, this would probably be a regular thing if she lived closer... *hint hint* Plus, there's not a single nail challenge that Jennie hasn't accepted and outdone herself in - I'm running out of ways to stump her, seriously :P 

I'm super glad that I've been able to turn these bloggy friends into IRL friends b/c they totally fit what I expect from real friends - a connection. No pressure ladies! LOL

Rarely am I as happy about my blog as when I think about all of the amazing people it has given me the opportunity to collide with, IRL or not. Friendships & bonds that would not have been possible if it wasn't for this little cyber spot of mine. Yeah, I'm cheesin'.

Thanks to everyone I've met thus far and looking forward to those peeps I don't even know yet!


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