October 15, 2013

#Cali2013 - The Video

This 9-minute video is the best representation of just how fantastic our trip was. In a way, it's also an ad for doing a California road trip, which I cannot recommend enough!

Thanks to dC for shooting* & producing this. Also, for putting up a good fight to buy a GoPro before we went away. It was worth it.

*Some is shot with a regular digital camera (most often by me)

 photo blogsignature3-25-13_zps17b9422f.jpg


  1. I forgot you guys had the GoPro! It takes good videos eh?! Did he have it on a handle or something?

  2. What a good idea to make a video! I might steal this idea for our upcoming Disneyland trip, Kids would much rather watch a video than look at pictures. It turned out so great, I love your song choices and the fireworks finale is the best. You guys are so cute!!


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