October 3, 2013

#Cali2013 - San Diego

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Our last stop was San Diego - another great city! By this point, we were ready to chill out a little bit after a long week of touristing, driving and all kinds of excitement. San Diego was the perfect place for this with its crazy cool laidback vibe.

Before getting into the city, we stopped in La Jolla to see the sights & views. Amazing the decision as we got a lot of great pictures here & waded in the water.

So many sea lions & so close up!

Enjoying the weather & water :)
I'm loving life right now

#teamdCdK #Cali2013... our hashtags :)

In San Diego we couldn't not hit up the zoo, obviously!
I had never seen Koalas this close up - adorable!

We ran into the funniest giraffe in the world LOL

Silly :)

Also saw my first up-close Panda - super cute!

Another fave of ours - went to a baseball game & watched gorgeous fireworks!
[SD] Padres vs [LA] Dodgers!  We were Padres fans for the night & were actually the minority...

There's nothing like a good ball game :)

If you don't already know...fireworks are my favourite thing!

Other than that, we enjoy the day & nightlife that San Diego had to offer :)

Had a lot of fun bar-hopping in the Gaslamp District!

And then, very sadly, our trip came to an end...as with all great things :(

Everything about this trip was incredible and I highly recommend California as a destination, especially if you have the time to drive through and see more than just one place.

We are most certainly going back since we have more to see as well!

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  1. I've never seen La Jolla so empty before. You guys chose a great time of year to go to California! That giraffe is so cute! Petco Park is such a fun stadium. I'm so glad you had a great trip. I love your hashtags!


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