October 2, 2013

#Cali2013 - Los Angeles

Check out Part 1 & Part 2 first!

Los Angeles was a last minute decision for us. We knew we would be driving somewhere through LA but weren't planning on really stopping there at all. It was never a priority of ours and from what I've heard about its craziness, we figured we'd just drive through and check out the beaches to the south.

A few days before we left, we figure why the hell not?! It's unlikely we'll go back to LA any time soon so we may as well see it!

We drove in through Malibu and stopped at Santa Monica Pier. While there, we rented bikes and rode down through Venice Beach and to Venice Pier. Beautiful beaches! Not to mention all those beach homes!

Santa Monica Beach - finally some beach weather!

Santa Monica Pier

Venice Beach - action shot taken while we were riding bikes

After hanging out on the beach, we headed into the city to our hotel in West Hollywood. We changed & headed out to Hollywood to check out the famous sites...with the slight possibility of star gazing... 

Driving through LA

Sunset Blvd

Chinese Theatre

The following morning we were continuing out drive down the SoCal coast but not before we enjoyed the amazing rooftop patio of our hotel!!!

The amazing rooftop

After missing the Hollywood sign the previous night (apparently it's not lit up), we got a glimpse on our way out of the city!

I talk about the final leg of our trip tmrw!
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  1. I'm glad you guys decided to stop. It's definitely crazy and the traffic sucks but it's a cool place to visit. Every time you watch an awards show, you'll know exactly where it was. :)


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