September 3, 2013

WOTE @ The Ex

To kick off the weekend, we hit up the The Ex (or CNE, whatever you want to call it), which is an annual 2-week fair with food, games, markets & concerts.

We usually spend our time browsing the market, playing the games & eating but this year, the main purpose was seeing Walk Off The Earth!

The concerts are free with the CNE admission ticket so BONUS! They weren't playing until later though so took advantage of the rest of the activities. 

The food @ RibFest:

The games:
dC lost both bananas by the end of the night but I won him one back ;)
Completed our giraffe family by adding momma giraffe to last year's baby giraffe!

 Finally the concert started & we got rained on hard - but it was SO SO SO worth it!!!

If you haven't checked them out yet - despite my ranting - you totally have to!

The videos wouldn't upload last night but you'll be seeing them asap!

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  1. I loved WOTE back when they did the Gotye cover then forgot about them. But I JUST saw a video of Royals earlier today, which is one of my favorite songs right now. I had no idea they toured! Do they only do covers in their set? I'd definitely see them.


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