September 11, 2013


Two years ago, I was disappointed about not being able to get tickets to TIFF. Last year I didn't even try because I was still so bitter about the process. This year would have panned out much the same way if it weren't for one of dC's co-workers getting a ticket package & selling us one of her pairs.*

We literally went through - upwards of 300 - to make a list of 30, in the days leading up to the deadline.
We got our first choice - Prisoners!

I was beyond excited to even see it on the list since we'd seen a preview a couple of weeks before & knew it was a must see.

I'll tell you one thing - it did not disappoint. Everything - directing, acting, script - about this movie was phenomenal. It better be, at 2.5 hours!

I don't want to do a real review for fear of spoiling anything & this really deserves to be watched. Lucky for you it comes out next week on September 20th!

*The process for purchasing single tickets to movies after all of the package-holders have selected theirs is atrocious. It is nearly impossible to get tickets. dC was in a virtual ticket queue for nearly four hours & by then most of the ones we wanted were gone and we were too tired to care.
Apparently the trick was to open multiple browsers & constantly refresh. No thanks. If you're going to make it that difficult for me to give you money, I'm not going to give it to you.
That's why we got super lucky to get ours as part of someone's package & have first dibs. Next year I may consider doing a package of our own!

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  1. This movie looks so good. Hard to watch, but good. Plus, Jake Gyllenhaal. Haha! I can't wait to see it!


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