August 20, 2013

The Debut

Last Saturday, we attended dC's little cousin's debut. In Filipino tradition, the debut is a formal affair for a girl's 18th birthday. Dresses, entourage, roses, the works.

Birthday girl had a theme - Tiffany blue - and since y'all know that's my fave, I happened to have accidentally worn the theme colour despite not being part of the entourage. Ooops.

It was great night with lots food, music & fun - and Tiffany blue :)

dC with his nephew, MJ

Tita D with MJ
Birthday girl!

Dance #4 (of 18)!

The night ended with DJ dC spinning some tunes...and he was actually pretty great at it! Career change...?

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  1. That looks so much fun and you look gorgeous! Love the Tiffany Blue.

  2. Hi Daniela! thanks for stopping by my blog.

    when I think of debuts, I think of when I was in highschool and debuts were all the rage..because I wasn't Filipino but had lots of filipino friends, I'd always crash them LOL.

    Love the tiffany blue skirt

    Vodka and Soda

  3. How fun! You two look great. I'm still loving your hair so much!!

  4. what a blast! great theme color for her party, the decorations and her dress are so pretty. gorgeous girls, both of you and handsome boys too :) that wee little vest just kills me, wanna pinch those cheeks like really bad right now! ha. ♥


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