August 7, 2013

Quinoa Recipe - Oh, How Pinteresting!

Who doesn't love a good recipe find? That's right, no one.

I came across this one the other day & was already looking for something to make for dinner so figured I'd give it a try. So worth it!

For quick reference, here's a snapshot of the ingredients:
Recipe Screenshot
Here's what I changed:
1. I ended up with more than 2 cups of  quinoa so I added extra sauce and ended up using a whole jar - it's up to your tastes.
2. I replaced heavy cream with sour cream.
3. I couldn't find any fresh basil in the stores I checked so had to skip it.
4. I skipped the crushed red pepper as I'm not a fan & don't have any.

It was delicious & really filling! This is also probably the first recipe where the estimated prep/cook times are actually accurate!

If you really, really need some meat, I think you can easily add cooked cubed chicken breast or sausage. It will also likely last you longer as the meat will make each portion even more filling!

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  1. I've never eaten quinoa, but I really want to try it! I may have to make this dish!

  2. Yum! I was just googling quinoa recipes last weekend because I bought some but have no idea how to eat it. Haha!


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