August 12, 2013


As all you instagramers have already seen, I chopped off my hair this past weekend!!

Post-hair salon
It's been a while coming and originally I was going to wait until the end of the summer or early Fall to do but I got antsy & started browsing Pinterest. Props to Christina for guessing which Pin I had my eye on for this cut ;)

Post-quick straightening
I totally love it - it's been over four years or more since I've had hair this short and we're 'getting reacquainted' Haha

And totally out of comfort zone, I also got a facial this weekend. Told ya I pampered myself!

I got a spa gift card for my birthday 3 years ago, which I never used b/c I'm not really a spa-goer. Finally I decided that something needed to be done about all the blemishes I was getting recently and my pores so I made an appointment. If the spa wasn't close to home, I probably would have procrastinated this even longer.

I'm pretty self concious about my skin sans makeup so I won't be posted before & afters but the verdict is - it was just okay. It definitely cleared up my pores a bit but I feel like if I do some serious skin management (see this post by Tara), I can maintain that on my own without dishing out $75+ for an hour.

Do you get regular facials? What do you think of them in general?

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  1. Your hair is seriously so cute! I love it when people make drastic changes. How do you feel about it now that it's been a week or so?


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