August 8, 2013

life's too short

Too short for me to waste what little non-working, non-sleeping time I have in a day on things I don't care about.
Too short for me to procrastinate things I actually want to do.

Last night I found out a good friend has been in the hospital/rehab for the last month after being in an accident.
It broke my heart, but at the same time I was so relieved he was OK.
Had I not procrastinated getting in touch with said friend I would have known much sooner. Hello, eye-opener!

Things around here need to change, on my terms. I'm quite averse to change and risks so I acknowledge that it will probably be a slow change.
But there will be a change.

Like I said, only one month of summer left & now's the time to make it count.

Happy Thursday, lovelies :)

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