August 22, 2013

Cat Nap

I can't believe how little I post about Koko, compared to how much I thought I would when I first got him. It's definitely not because there's nothing to say, trust me, but it's hard to capture it tangibly! He's so fast & crazy when he's running around - he's still a kitten! - that it's hard to get him on camera. By the time I try to, it's over. Plus, I enjoy just playing & cuddling without worrying about taking a nice shot. I'll try harder though! 

That being said, I do get some great shots when he's all tuckered out and/or napping. Like this one - where he progressively stretched out more and more across my bed & finally fell asleep.

Gosh I just love this little fluffy guy so much!

 photo blogsignature3-25-13_zps17b9422f.jpg


  1. So fluffy!! I love him. Please rub his belly for me.

  2. So. Cute. Seriously. I totally want to pet him like, RIGHT NOW (or, I would if I wasn't so allergic, haha).

  3. do i ever understand your plight Daniela. capturing our fur friends in a still shot is pretty much an ongoing struggle for me too. these shots are truly darling though! what a massively fluffy tail he has, i LOVE it and his adorable paw-paws!!!! four-legged ones are simply the BEST!


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