August 13, 2013

California Dreamin'

I'm so excited that we've finally started planning our [main] 2013 vacation...

...a California road trip!

No exact details yet but we're thinking of driving between San Francisco & San Diego and trying to see as much as possible in between!
So far we've only booked our flight there but I'm sure the rest will fall into place, right? RIGHT?!

Any & all Cali vacation tips are welcome & needed!
Thank you to Claire who's already filling me in on the transit situation in San Fran!

Also, if you're interested in guest posting while I'm away, please let me know!

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  1. How fun!! I've only been to Palm Springs, Cali, so I don't have much advice, but I loved it! My sister lives at Yosemite and loves it there too.

  2. So much fun! I've been to most of the major cities in Cali, but have only done the road trip part in Northern Cali. You're going to have a blast!!


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