July 18, 2013

Summer Blockbuster Review #4 - This Is The End

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This Is The End

The trailer for this was hilarious so I was totally on board with seeing it. Then I heard great reviews & was even more pumped. Then I heard why it had good reviews... 
"If you liked Pineapple Express & Superbad, you're gonna love this!"
Umm, didn't like Pineapple Express even though it was playing in the background & definitely did not bother watching Superbad. 
"Oh ok...Knocked Up?" Hated it.
"Then don't go see this movie." Great.
Well dC really wanted to see it & I had commited to it so I went with extremely low expectations. Granted, the weird Rogen/Franco/McBride isn't my cup of tea but overall it was a lot fun & a lot of laughts. Jonah Hill & Michael Cera made up some of my favourite parts & nothing beats the ending. Go watch it just for that! So I guess I'm giving it more than one star...

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  1. i've been hearing all sorts of good things about this flick - capital D-ying to see it soon too!!! i totally loved PEx + Superbad is an all-time fave. you haven't experienced McLovin yet??? oh girl, you just gotta give it a try, seriously stellar...in my humble opinion :) happy weekend!! ♥

  2. THE ENDING!! THE ENDING!! THE ENDING!! Yes, it was pretty much the greatest thing of all time. I laughed so hard that I cried!!


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