June 20, 2013

two years happy.

We've officially made it past our 2 year anniversary! I'm kidding, obviously we were going to.

Gift giving was an unspoken 'yes' because I knew that even if I tried to enforce a 'no gifts' rule, dC would still go ahead with his own plans. It seemed pointless.

Glad I didn't fight it because I'm so excited about what I got:

It's a Fuji Instax Mini 8 - who knew polaroid-type cameras still existed! It's super cool & I'm so excited to use it! I just need to remember that I only have one chance at taking a good picture, unlike what I'm used to. Haha!

Naturally we went for dinner - I don't know why it took us as long as it did to make a decision but we finally went to this Brazilian steakhouse we'd been dying to try.

If you love meat and have never been I urge you to go to one right.now. Similarly, it's a vegetarian/vegan's hell so might want to stay away if that's the case.

The premise is that there is a buffet for salads & apps, and servers come to your table with skewers of meat. Until you feel like you're going burst, because it's all you can eat meat (and salads).

I was too busy with my steaks and filet mignon to take my own pictures of dinner, but I think this is all you need. At your table. #omnomnom
Full or not, we still came home for our champagne & slice of cake...

Happy 2 years to us :)
Anniversary morning & anniversary evening...both sleepy haha :)
[with the new Instax of course!]

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