June 11, 2013

turn up the muzik

Last weekend we went out to the club with dC's fam & it was a great time!

In case you don't know, I love clubbing. I do it nowhere near as much as I'd like to - every weekend would be nice - so it's great when I do get to go out!

We hit up Muzik, which is a super posh club in Toronto (celebs go there when they're in town and they usually host the after parties for things like Fashion Week & the Toronto International Film Festival).
In my opinion, it's over-hyped & over-priced but it's definitely gorgeous! Plus, who doesn't like being posh once in a while ;)

I'll let the pictures tell the story though...

Let's get this party starteddd!

Muzik comes with almost-naked dancing girls too...
I feel at home when I'm on the dancefloor...
With the SIL

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