June 27, 2013

Summer Blockbuster Review #2

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Hangover III

I know that most comments about this movie were that it would be the same as the previous two and guess what - it was. But that's exactly what I expected! I watch these movies for the one-liners and it did not disappoint in that department! I did feel it could have had a little bit more of a plot but the entertainment value was still there. dC on the other hand - totally disappointed. I would say go watch it if your expectations are not very high & you just need something entertaining.

dK's review
dC's review

Fast & Furious 6

So this was my first Fast & Furious movie and I LOVED it!!! Coming from someone who previously shunned this franchise, that's a big statement. Considering I love action movies, especially ones with fast cars & explosions, it's quite surprising I was not sucked earlier. But I think it was the Vin Diesel/Paul Walker combo that I couldn't take - such a joke. They're still a joke but at least no one even pretends to take them seriously anymore. It's all about the action now. Totally cool movie though, go see it. Plus, you already know you have a #7 to look forward to!

dK's review
dC's review
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