June 19, 2013

oh those 'third world problems' + Oh, How Pinteresting!

A recent conversation with my co-worker [also new to the company] via work communicator:

K: all i want to do is Pinterest the shit out of my 2 screens.....

me: bahaha same...do not remind me though...b/c it WON'T END

K: i need to find a good shot of 'medium cut layered with ombre'

me: i used to do that at lunch...i feel like i used to do a lot of stuff at work lol...like, i didn't spend much time on Pinterest at home..if at all lol

K: exactly! omg #TWP?

me: twp? lol

K: third world problem  :)

me: haha first?

K: ugh...yep

me: that was golden

Let's be clear - not having time for Pinterest at work is definitely a first world problem. LOL

 Speaking of Pinterest, here are some recently fave pins!

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