May 14, 2013

With a Needle & a Thread

Remember when I got a sewing machine for Christmas? And when I started spending lots of time on craftgawker in addition to Pinterest?

I've pulled out my sewing machine a few times to get familiar with it & 'practice' some things and I've pinned & favourited more than enough projects on but it was time to put the two together.

I found a bag of old dress shirts I had asked dC for and figured this was an easy enough project to start with. I spend lots of time in the kitchen so I don't know why I didn't already have one but I made an...A.

I'm not going to lie, this photos are all semi-afterthoughts because:
a) I never intended on posting a tutorial on the blog as the one I followed is super good
b) I was too bloody excited to start & just do it, to really care about pictures

Just being honest. But I do want you to see how simple it is & hopefully inspire so here are some basics.

1. Cut off the back & sleeves
2. You'll be left with this, more or less.
3. Pin the edges & hem!

The part I didn't take pictures of is the attaching of the ties, which you can do in several ways. Attach ribbon or string to the sides for tying, or make ties with the left over fabric and attach.

I went the hard(er) route and made my own ties. Kind of proud of myself. 

Overall it only took me about a couple of  hours including some sewing machine trouble shooting and Koko interruptions - like laying across my entire workspace.


Since then I've used my sewing machine to hem some pants, including sweatpants that I rarely wore because they just drag, and I'm super pumped for some of the other things I've got planned!

I hope I've inspired you!

You can also check out my Sewing Pinterest board.

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