May 27, 2013

Blockbuster Summer

Since we aren't going on any vacations this summer (#sadz), we decided we needed to do something to make the summer more memorable.

The obvious conclusion was to watch movies. Lots of movies. And not at home, but paid-in-theatres-movies.

Even though the summer movie season has already begun & we've actually seen a couple, we just finally consolidated our lists! Though I wouldn't be surprised if it changes a bit...

What you need to know is that I'm a sucker for action movies, watching the movies of my fave actors & sticking through a series.

Here it is!

Iron Man - May 3


Star Trek: Into The Darkness - May 16


Hangover III - May 23


Fast & Furious 6 - May 24


The Internship - June 7

Missed it

This Is The End - June 12


World War Z - June 21


The Heat - June 28


White House Down - June 28


The Lone Ranger - July 3

Grown Ups 2 - July 12

Don't worry, we'll do other summer things too. We're not that lame.

I'll post movie reviews too in case any of these are on your list!

Do you have a summer movie list?

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  1. We just saw FF6 and it was everything we'd hoped it would be. Haha!! I truly love Vin Diesel; he takes himself so seriously that It's impossible not to love him.


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