April 8, 2013

On the 'Walkers' Bandwagon

It's official - we heart The Walking Dead.

I'm not really one for jumping on bandwagons, especially when it comes for TV shows, but I made an exception. I also avoid the HBO/Showtime/AMC shows because it's just so much harder to find/watch them  than the usual.

Enter Netflix, thanks to my cuz sharing her password ;)

The last three Sundays have been spent on the couch watching a ridiculous amount episodes of this amazing show. Ridiculous amount = we're four episodes short of being done the third (and so far last) season. Exactly.

I'm kind of a fan of the zombies & the surely impending zombie apocalypse. Plus, the character development on this show is amazing!

So pretty much, we look like this by the end of Sunday...
The Walking Dead 'Dead Yourself' app for Android

Any other fans out there?! Hit me up! :)
 photo blogsignature3-25-13_zps17b9422f.jpg

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  1. I tried to get into that show. I gave it 3 episodes. I found it soo boring. BUT I am downloading that app as I type.


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