April 10, 2013

In the RED but loving it!

The other day I instagram-ed this:

Remember how I was excited about Target finally opening in Canada?

Well I'm still excited. But also worried about my next credit card statement.

I'll worry about that later though; here's some of what was in the bags...

Clockwise from top left:
New nailpolish for summer - bright blue & pink and new Volumizing mascara
New blowdryer! Hopefully this helps my hair...
High-Low skirt - pumped for summer!
Nude flats with gold studs
Black sandals with gold embellishments

I told you I've been loving gold!

I'm super pumped for all of these, partly because so many are for spring/summer things. If only winter would leave - we have a 'winter storm' warning for tomorrow. Ugh.

So...any other Target Canada addicts shoppers out there?!

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